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Meet Élison Santos


Clinical Psychologist, licensed by the Brazilian Council of Psychology.

Specializes in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy.

Director at large at the International Council of Psychologists ICP.

TV and Radio commentator. 

Author of "Search for love" e "13 Reasons to live", "A deconstruction of the Psychology" presented at the XXIX International Congress of Psychology in Berlin | Germany and published at the International Journal Of Psychology. ​

Author of the book "Heroes of our existence" - 2018

Author of Philianalysis - The Psychology of Brotherhood Love, presented in the 75th Conference of the International Council of Psychologists in New York in Julho de 2017.

Member of the American Psychological Association and the International Council of Psychologists. 

Founder member of the Search for Meaning Institute.

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Psychology offers many lights for us to understand our own life and to improve the relationship with the people around us.

Family and Mental Health


Family care is crystal in a society that wants to search for a continuous development.

Couple Therapy is an important step to reach a healthy family environment.



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Élison é diretor do IPSapiens, um instituto de ensino e pesquisa que oferece vários cursos de psicologia e áreas afins, online. 

Venha conhecer os cursos ministrados por Élison Santos e muitos outros.

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